I had you fooled, right! Right? Hello?

See how I did that?  Right there.  No there!  The part where I slipped in a sneaky blog post after two weeks of silent truancy, so delicately you didn’t even notice my absence.  Right?  Right?!

Is there an echo in here?

Okay, so maybe a few of you noticed.  And to you I am grateful for the warm welcome back to the blogosphere.  I missed you too!

I think it’s finally time to admit a sad fact; I find it impossible to write without my laptop, a fast internet connection, silence, and more often than not, my own writing space.  This is fine when I’m at home, but as you may have noticed, the name of this blog includes the word ‘nomad’, which may drop a not so subtle hint that I’m not always going to be at home with my laptop, a fast internet connection and sweet, unbroken silence.

(This might be a good time to note that although I do sort of sound like one of those outrageous celebrities claiming they can’t work without a golden toilet seat, a tank of live lobsters and a purple, three-headed shewolf, I swear that I do no associate myself with or emulate such behaviour.  Now bring me that coffee, pronto!)

During my first month as a blogger I aimed to write something every day, which I did.  It immersed me in the world of blogging and became an excellent exercise in helping me to write on command, write better, and basically to write more.  This past month I have come to realise that daily blogging is not always going to be possible, and truthfully, not always favourable.

I tend to do things in surges.  My seasonal job working at the snow often has me working 14 consecutive days without a day off.  I don’t mind because I love working on the mountain and I know the season will only last a few months.  With writing, I immerse myself in it for weeks, months even.  But then I’ll go away and visit friends for a couple of weeks and not write at all.  It’s just the way I’ve always done things, and I find it allows me to fully appreciate and take pleasure in whatever ‘surge’ I’m channeling at the time.  It also means that sometimes I won’t be able to blog, but that hopefully whilst I’m not blogging/writing, I’m away doing something that will later give me inspiration to write.

In short, sometimes I may disappear for a while.  But unless my blog starts growing teeth and snapping at me, kind of like Hagrid’s The Monster Book of Monsters in Harry Potter, then you can rest assure that I will return.


In the meantime, I’m looking forward to sharing all the exciting things that have been happening in Katy land.  I think my brain is about to self combust with all the built up adventures and stories I have been storing in there.  Prepare for the onslaught.

~storytelling nomad~

17 comments on “I had you fooled, right! Right? Hello?

  1. Welcome back! I’m like you, I need my writing space, quiet, laptop, and Internet to write. I’ve been pet-sitting this past week, and haven’t had any luck writing while over there. Then I don’t sleep well, so when I do come home during the day I’m a zombie. I tried writing one day anyway, but ended up emasculating my protag’s love interest. I have been afraid to touch the WIP since until I get a good night’s sleep.

    • Feeling the love!
      Emasculating the love interest hey? Put the pen down Angela. Put it down! ;) Hopefully things will look up when the pet-sitting gig winds up. I am absolutely the same when it comes to writing though. Foreign environments and lack of sleep don’t work in my favour either!

  2. Welcome back. Life on the internet has just been a little bit more dull and colorless without your words. Unlike you, I write best with some bustle and noise around me. Having music playing works fairly well. I use my laptop or my stationary PC or my notepad – whatever is handy.. but the stationary pc is my favourite. ;)

    • You’re too kind Joakim! It’s nice to know I’ve been missed :)
      I get so distracted by noise, I honestly don’t know how people write with it. Especially music! I start singing along and 20 minutes later realise I haven’t written a thing. Ha!

    • Thank you Charlotte! Looking forward to getting back over to your blog and checking out the latest. Hope the big move went okay and you’re settling in well!

  3. Hey Katy, thanks for the like. I thought all writers needed laptop/internet/quiet/space and, I would add, an endless supply of coffee. Maybe not, as some of them can write in a coffee shop (lots of coffee, not much quiet) or some such place.

    Would love to write more about writing but I don’t have any quiet right now, with two little boys jumping on me as I write. Maybe when school starts in a couple of weeks (for them, not for me.)


    • Hi Julie, thanks for stopping by! Glad to hear I’m not the only one who needs such a particular environment to work in! Looking forward to hearing more from you about writing when school starts back up. In the meantime enjoy being jumped on! ;)

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