The money making part of my day

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It may come as a surprise to some, but on occasion I actually do work, of the paid kind.  It threatens to tear me away from my writing dreams but it also rewards me with cash that I like to throw up in the air with joy!  Well, to be honest, it is usually sent directly to my account and then swiftly spent on life’s necessities such as food, rent and books before I even see those colourful pieces of plastic…but no matter.  The important thing is I’m fed, housed and literate.  Today I will be working on a beautiful mountain, Ben Lomond, in the north of Tasmania, manning the ski lifts and selling tickets to the customers.  With little reception (read: none) and no electricity, I suspect my chances of blogging are relatively low.  How will I survive? What will this absence of posts reduce me to? Fear not, dear bloggers.  I am confident I can make it through the day, just.  In the meantime, take a look at the pretty slideshow of my Ben Lomond photos and imagine me there, in the fresh air, feet crunching in the snow, greeting the first skiers and boarders of the season.  Winter is here my friends, and it’s my favourite season.

Jacobs Ladder - This is the only way up the mountain. I took this photo only a week ago but now I am told it is covered in snow, with drifts in some places over a metre high. If you do not hear from me after this day you can safely assume I met my fate on Jacobs Ladder

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16 comments on “The money making part of my day

  1. Beautiful pictures! Um, please stay safe up there, Katy. =P

    And you’ll have to explain Christmas to me later, because I’m suddenly starting to feel unbalanced with the idea of hot Christmases and no hot chocolate if December is your summer…

    • I’m alive! Wahhooo! Thanks Angela! Ohhh yes, I can definitely give you the low down on how Christmas works over here. I might have to write a post about it? Maybe when every muscle isn’t aching…ughh

  2. Such a beautiful place to make a living! If you’ve gotta work to pay the bills, I can’t think of a better place to do it : ). Looks like somewhere you could recharge your creative energy while you work, for sure!

    • It’s pretty amazing…especially on the good weather days like today and yesterday when the sun is shining and there’s little wind chill…amazing! I have a great time chatting to all the patrons. The bad weather days are a bit of a different story, but hey, nothing is ever perfect, not even our beautiful mountain! Definitely a great place to recharge the creative energy :)

  3. I do love the internet! I had never heard of Ben Lomond, but in my younger years I skied a fair amount of what the Us has to offer. Winter is my favorite time of year as well, but right up there with Fall, how lucky you are to be able to work in a season that you love, and be on the slopes when you have days off? I think that is a fair trade for blogging. Ware the Ladder, and we’ll see you soon! Thanks for the beautiful winter landscape photos. I’m going to look up Ben Lomond to see more of it. How far must you travel to get there?

    • To be honest, neither had I until I moved down here. It’s a small mountain, which is part of its appeal. Everyone knows everyone and the only ‘public’ accommodation is 6 cabins run by the pub. The rest of the accommodation is run by private lodges which is just amazing to be a part of. Yep, I think I have a pretty good deal!

      It’s only an hour’s drive out of town which is great for the townies because all they have to do is look out their windows of a morning and see how the snow looks!

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    • Not really. There are some that spend a good part of their year up there, fixing up lodges and grooming the slopes over summer and such, but unfortunately the mountain receives little by way of advertising and support for summer activities and so there aren’t many people that head up there during the warmer months, which means no incentive for businesses to operate. There is one pub and one shop for ski hire and quick hot food, but they only operate during summer. There are opportunities for some amazing hiking and walking tracks, but again it’s not promoted and so it doesn’t get the following all year round that it has the potential for.

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