If you would you like to offer me any of the following:

-Declarations of love
-Wads of cash

And if you are not:

-A Stalker
-A Con artist

Then please fill out the form below to contact me directly.

7 comments on “Contact

  1. Am I being really stupid here? I’ve tried 3 times to leave a comment. I’ll have another go. At the worst you’ll get 4 copies of the same drivel.

    Well, first things first: I too am a chocaholic. I never used to be. A manifestation of Parkinson’s, you see. When I was still working (as a teacher) and after my diagnosis, I could quite easily put away a big ‘family size’ bar on top of my breakfast, before leaving the house.
    I must take issue with you over the Queen. Surely she can in no way, shape or form be described as ‘Hip’ The whole concept triggered by your statement has left me slightly confused and in need of some re-stabilisation. It has prompted me to go about questioning a whole range of other givens, such as ‘Was Michael Jackson really as good as people say he was?’ etc.
    It’s a late reply, but by way of ‘Thanks; for your visit. My site’s a lot of old tosh really: Did you figure out where the recurring dream is going? and what the punchline’s going to be?
    As I’m married and fresh out of cash (not necessarily related) I’ll settle on feedback for you. I’ve felt quite humbled roaming around here. I was I had the kind of ‘overview’ you manage to project. It’s a great blog and one I will certainly be back to.


    • Hi Andy! Lol! I do have 4 copies of your message but it’s okay! Basically by filling out the above comment form your message gets sent to my email, rather than posted as a comment. But it’s all good; I just felt extra loved this morning when I had so many emails! In any case, thanks for your concerted effort to comment on my blog! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed roaming around.

      Come on Andy, the Queen is totally hip! She’s getting on a bit now, and she’s definitely had her not-so-hip moments, but she’s totally rad! ;) Also, I’m a big Michael Jackson fan, so probably best not get me started on that!

      I am glad someone else shares my chocaholic addiction, although I must say a family bar on top of breakfast is pretty impressive. I’m going through a Tim Tam phase at the moment. I have constant cravings!

      My recurring dreams are all still unresolved. Your recurring dreams are way cooler and even come with pictures…amazing! What’s with all the building though? You’re dreams are always getting you to build mammoth objects, which just seems like far too much work for a dream. There HAS to be some message there.

      Thanks again for stopping by Andy. I’ve enjoyed wandering around your blog! Very cool stuff, and not old tosh at all! Hope to see you back soon. Happy writing!

  2. Hey Katy. I sent you a personal messsage a few days ago asking you a question. Just wanted to let you know I figured out the answer, so you can disregard the message whenever you come across it.

    Keep up the good work and take care!

    • Hey Jeuron,

      I did send a reply to your email about the Facebook set up, but it sounds as though you didn’t get it! I’m sorry about that. Looks like it’s all resolved and up and running regardless though, which is the important thing.



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