It is the unfortunate disposition of many to believe not with the mind, nor with the imagination, but with the eyes. This unspoken understanding dictates that nothing is proven unless your own two eyes can themselves bear witness to it. The dragons, leprechauns, fairies and other mythical creatures of old do not exist. Why? Because you’ve never seen them. The fairytale characters from your favourite stories never drew breath outside the pages of your dog-eared books. Why? Because you haven’t seen any proof. The fact that these ideas had to come from somewhere is universally disregarded as a somewhat trivial point.

When the odd few are granted moments of clarity and do, in fact, see with their minds, they are either immediately reprimanded by others for entertaining improper flights of the imagination or, rather more tragically, convince themselves the event in question simply did not take place. All is forgotten with a shake of the head and a nervous laugh before returning to a life considerably more dull.

This has led to many great disputes over history, though none as great nor as terrible as the Fall of the Topians.

Haven’t heard of it, you say?

That’s because you, too, dear reader, have been believing with your eyes for far, far too long.


16 comments on “Prologue

  1. This has a very nice elegance and polished-intelligence to it! Very nice! I will say that many agents generally don’t care for prologues, but I think this one is fitting.

    • Thank you kindly Chris. Such lovely words! And yes, I have heard rumours of the like. As it currently stands, the first couple of chapters have few “fantasy” elements to them as we get to know the protagonist pre-magical happenings, so the prologue sets the tone for what to expect later. I plan on making some fairly dramatic changes to chapter one later on though, so the prologue may get scrapped in the end, but for the time being it serves.

      Very much appreciate your comment. Happy writing! :)

    • Thank you kindly! Not impetuous at all, in fact, I’m certain it’s the greatest compliment to any writer to be asked for more! I intend to post more extracts as I go, so look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting :)

  2. This is beautiful, and more than a little bit intriguing! If this was on the first page of the book I’d just bought, I would happily devour the rest.

    Best of luck with everything, Katy!

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