10,000 hits! Milestones & Head Explosions

Kodak Moment - 10,000 hits

BEWARE: Ego on the loose. Proceed with caution.

Last week I reached the 10,000 hits mark on storytelling nomad, which I felt was occasion enough for a kodak moment and a mild case of head swelling (see below for evidence of head explosion).

September was actually a bit special as far as months go with milestones hitting me left, right and centre.

In particular, I had a strong suspicion that I was being stalked by the number 100 after receiving my 100th subscriber, my 100th Twitter follower and WordPress very kindly exclaiming “Sensational!” at my 100th post.  Add to that my 100 words on revenge and I was just about ready to take out a restraining order on my three digit stalker (who I actually kinda like).

Once again, thank you all for the love.  You may have reduced me to a head-exploding-with-fireworks crazy happy person, but as long as there continues to be no complaints, I shall keep on keeping on.

Look what you have reduced me to dear readers! (this picture is not to scale)

~storytelling nomad~

29 comments on “10,000 hits! Milestones & Head Explosions

    • Thanks Jess!

      If you go to Users>Personal Settings there’s a box you can tick called “Surprise me (Fun mode)”. It isn’t especially exciting, but it does add the “Humanize” tab to the stats page which offers random facts such as:

      Today you have had 68 views.
      That’s about the same number of households in Anselmo, Nebraska.

      As well as a box you can check when you publish a post that says “This post is super-awesome”, which as far as I can tell doesn’t actually do anything apart from make you feel good! ha!

  1. Congrats! I’m posting a similar marking of milestones myself this week after an awesome September too! How do you get so many subscribers? I only have 35, lol

    • Just checked out your post and a congratulations is in order for you too! Woo!
      I can’t give you an answer about the subscribers I’m afraid. They come, they read, they subscribe. Now I just gotta make sure I can keep them around! And 35 is still bloody excellent!

  2. G’ahead … let your head explode just a little bit. You’ve earned it! So glad you’re getting the recognition you deserve; you really are a wonderful writer. Congrats!

    • Thank you! Yes, well it deflated rather quickly when I started thinking about all the writing I still haven’t done, in particular the novel not yet written (hello NaNoWriMo 2011!), but for a day I basked in the good blogging vibes and let my head swell just a bit ;)

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