Reading – May 2011

I recently found an excellent app on my iphone called Book Crawler. It lets me create ‘collections’ – basically reading lists so that I can keep up to date with what I’ve been reading, or keep an updated list of books I intend to read. The best thing about this little gem of an app is that it has a scanner which uses your iphone’s camera to scan the barcode of a book you’re reading, and it updates all the info for you – title, author, cover image, edition etc. It’s fantastic.

In light of my recent app acquisition, I thought I might share what’s on my reading list at the moment. I have gone fantasy fiction crazed this year (although, I suspect this is not very different to any other year), with 10 out of the 15 books I’ve read so far in 2011 being of the fantasy genre. I was introduced to Robin Hobb’s books when I attended the Supanova fantasy/sci fi convention in Melbourne in April. There was an enormous line of people waiting to get their books signed by her, so after I finished the Isobelle Carmody books I had been reading, I went to the second hand bookshop and decided to give the first of her Farseer Trilogy – Assassin’s Apprentice – a go. I absolutely loved it. I have since read the second in the trilogy, Royal Assassin, and am now awaiting the final book, Assassin’s Quest, to come in the mail (I thought I’d give the Book Depositary a go after it was recommended to me by a number of people).

While I’ve been waiting for that to arrive, I started on another of her series The Rain Wild Chronicles, with book one The Dragon Keeper. Again, excellent writing, but I still rate The Farseer Trilogy as best so far. Having since also finished that book, I have now started on Jennifer Fallon’s The Undivided. I attended two fantastic writing classes that she held at Supanova this year, and was impressed with her advice and guidance. And so, I begin her most recently released book with high expectations! Verdict yet to be determined.

Here ends the ramblings of my latest reading adventures.

~storytelling nomad~

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