Today will henceforth be remembered as the day Robin Hobb sent me an email

Robin Hobb Book Love

See this —> :D Yep, that sideways emoticon, with the beady eyes and unnaturally large mouth indicating extreme happiness.  Well that right there, that is an accurate representation of my face right now.  Why?  Because this morning I had the pleasure of waking to an email from Robin Hobb herself.  Now, I may sound very calm and collected, but inside, not so very far from the surface, I am jumping up and down, kinda like they do in the Toyota ads, shouting out things like “OH EM GEE!” “Life will never be the same again!” “Hallelujah!” “Robin Hobb, you complete me!”.  Or thereabouts.

Now, as much as I’d like to claim that the queen of fantasy herself sourced me out just to say hi because she heard how awesome I am, well, surprising as it may be, this just wasn’t the way of it.  Instead, it transpired as follows.

You might remember a previous post (or two) about my undying love for Robin’s Farseer Trilogy, which I have only recently discovered.  Well, a few days ago I finished the series.  After much consideration, and a few tears, I decided that I didn’t want to monopolise this blog with too much of one thing (no matter how good a thing it is), and so, in the name of keeping things varied, I did not post another blog about how AMAZINGLY AWESOME the trilogy was once I finished it and how DEVASTATED I was when it was over.  You’ll be happy to know two things.  Since then, I have started reading the Tawny Man Trilogy, where the story of the Farseers continues, so no more devastation.  Secondly, by not writing about it then, I feel like fate has allowed me to write about it now, and let’s face it, I’m sure you’d much prefer hearing about my intimate correspondence with Robin Hobb as opposed to simply reading an update of joy every time I finish a page.

In any case, seeing as I felt I could not justifiably express myself on my blog, I instead decided that if possible, I would speak my mind to the source itself, and email Robin Hobb.  Just to be clear, I am not a stalker.  I dabble in a bit of Facestalking every now and then, but stalking of the actual kind, well that’s just rude…and creepy.  So, inexperienced stalker that I am, I had no idea how to go about contacting her majesty, but after a surprisingly short time on Google, I was privy to her email.

I won’t copy and paste the contents of my email, it’s her response that I’m sure you’d rather read, but basically the gist of my correspondence to her was to communicate how brilliant I thought the Farseer Trilogy was.  I told her how I came about reading her books (I was at Supanova, standing in the Isobelle Carmody line waiting to get my Obernewtyn book signed and saw the long, snaking line of Robin Hobb fans and knew that an army of fantasy book lovers never lies!) and told her that I hoped to see her return to Australia soon.  Finally I thanked her for her superb writing and how it had encouraged me to persevere with the writing of my own fantasy novel.  Your average fan email, or so I assume.  And her response?

Dear Katy,

What a wonderful letter to receive! Thank you so much.  (And now you can see why I sit next to Isabelle . . . it’s to steal her readers!  Well, no, not really, but it sounded good.)

Good luck with your fantasy novel.  I will tell you the only trick I know.  Persevere.  Push those keys down every day.  The only way that anyone writes anything is one key stroke at a time.  So when it is dark outside and you are alone with your little lamplight shining out the window, think of all the writers all over the world who are doing the same thing, and keep at it.

Best of luck!


Ah-maa-zing!  The only thing better than a brilliant writer, is one who will take the time to respond to the fans and even give them a little piece of encouragement and advice.  My heart swells with joy!  So, I’m sorry dear bloggers, but I’m afraid this Robin Hobb infatuation won’t be going away any time soon and I can assure you this won’t be the last you hear of it! *cue further Toyota jumps*

~stoytelling nomad~

28 comments on “Today will henceforth be remembered as the day Robin Hobb sent me an email

  1. What an inspirational response! Reminds me of one of my happiest moments – receiving a letter back from Hillary Clinton a while after I met her. I was also jumping around like people in Toyota ads!

  2. That is so awesome! I bet you’re going to print it out on some lovely fantasy-ish paper and put it on your wall. (I would.) Wow, your excitement seeped through my computer screen and now I’m all giddy for you too!

    • Just on the down low, that is probably exactly what I’ll do! It certainly would be a nice thing to see every day, and a pretty damn good way to motivate myself to write. “Look Katy, Robin Hobb told you to just get on with it, so you better get writing.” I’m pleased to have you living vicariously through me at this exciting time!

  3. I have goose bumps… What an amazing experience that she took time out of her day to write back to you.
    Best of luck with the Fantasy novel Katy :)

  4. A few years ago Robin Hobb did a talk and signing at my local bookshop (which is huge, by the way, because I live in a little out-of-the-way city in England and we never get any of the big name fantasy authors here). That was at about the time that the Fool’s Fate hardback came out. She was great, really personable. She did a reading from the new book, which was fun but also weird when I realised I pronounce half of the characters’ names wrongly. (Or differently anyway).

    And I got my beautiful, monstrously-sized hardcover copy of Fool’s Fate signed :D Wooo.

    Anyway I actually like the Tawny Man trilogy even better than the preceding. If you find yourself agreeing, keep a paper bag handy to deal with the hyperventilation. It helped me.

    Thanks for sharing your email. I love it when authors are nice and encouraging. I’ve never sent a fan letter/email myself but I was thinking about it recently. Maybe I should be brave and give it a go. I guess it can’t be too painful for a person to hear how much they’re worshipped, right?

    • Ooo a signed copy! I wish I had taken the opportunity to do the same when she was here in Aus a couple of months ago. I stood about a metre away from her, but at the time hadn’t read any of her stuff so didn’t know what I was missing out on. She is very personable isn’t she? So nice that she came to your local bookshop too!

      I wasn’t expecting a reply at all so yes it was nice of her to be so encouraging. I didn’t even ask her for any advice, just said thanks for the great story and for helping inspire me to write, so that was even cooler. Maybe you should give it a go? I used to think that well known people must sit at home and laugh at all their followers who croon over their work or films or whatever it is they’re famous for, and pity our small lives for being so sad. That was until I started going to Supanova Pop Cultcha Expo, where any stars or authors that come usually say the same thing; that they wouldn’t be there without their fans, and they love to hear when we’re enjoying their work. So no, I guess it can’t be too painful to hear how much you’re worshipped! Who would you consider writing to? And what would you say?

  5. Beats my story. I had a humor column in my college magazine and was a big fan of Dave Barry. I wrote him a letter and got a postcard back that said, “Keep writing.”

    I suppose it’s the thought that counts, but I always hoped for more than eleven letters.

    Nonetheless, it always feels good to hear back from someone we look up to.



    • A postcard! Well that’s pretty cool! Ha, but yes, eleven letters is stretching the love isn’t it? But even that is enough to be just a little inspired to “keep writing” I suppose. Thanks for stopping by Makya!

  6. Katy, keep up the great work! And I’m a testament to the “P” word. Perseverance! Kudos and blessings to you!

    • I did, but I just got an automated reply :( I really like that Robin took the time to write you back personally. If I ever got a fan letter for one of my books, I’d be writing them back personally :P

      • Oh no! That’s disappointing. Obviously it must be difficult for some writers to respond to every letter…I can imagine J. K. Rowling wouldn’t be able to get through all her fan mail in a single lifetime! But it is nice when they take even just a few minutes to write a brief reply.

  7. Now you have no excuse to follow those distractions all around, up for doing anything but writing because sometimes the ideas just aren’t with you…

    nope. no more of that. persevere :)

  8. Okay, Katy. You’re my new blog of choice. I can see why you’re getting hits, this is a lovely blog, lively and fresh. I shall subscribe henceforth, and you can teach an old bird some new tricks!

    • So lovely meeting you and everyone last night Fiona! And thank you kindly for your comments – I very much value your positive feedback, especially after having a long peruse through your blog last night and after hearing what you read at the meeting…what a talented bunch of people you all are. I hope I can keep up! I tried subscribing to Apple Island Wife last night but I fear WordPress and Blogger share some juvenile rivalry and won’t let me subscribe to a blog outside my own platform. I’m following you on Twitter, however, so will keep updated there.

      Old bird? New tricks?! I think I’m the one who will be learning tricks from you!

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