Pick me! Pick me!

Dearest Readers,

Have I ever told you what a good looking bunch you are? No, really. A fine collection of fetching individuals. And the intellect, oh! the intellect! Never before have I witnessed such collective brilliance. One can only marvel.

Are you buttered up yet?

The thing is, I need your help. Yesterday I entered a short story competition on Facebook. A 420 character short story competition. Yes, you heard me; characters, not words. To give you an idea, 420 characters looks like this:

you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome you

Positively microscopic, no?

In any case, this is less a competition of merit and more a popularity contest. You see, it is judged by how many ‘likes’ readers give each entry. I know, look at me go, whoring myself out to the masses. I’m cheap. Nasty even. And yet, I’d really like to win anyway.

You’ve seen the story before, albeit a somewhat *longer* version, of my 100 words of revenge. I confess, it’s not the finest piece of literature you’ll ever read (especially after cutting it down to fit the character limit), but surely it’s gotta beat the entry below mine detailing a park bench. A park bench, I tell you!

And yet, that entry is still beating mine. Sob!

All you have to do to rectify this tragedy is head to this page:


and click the ‘like’ button on my story, which at this stage is the second to last entry (before bench boy). You don’t have to ‘like’ the Facebook page or sign up to any garbage.  In fact you don’t even have to like my story, but I’d appreciate it if you clicked the ‘like’ button anyway, because I love you…and karma…and rainbows…and stuff. RAINBOWS.

In return, I bestow upon you my everlasting gratitude and send forth much cyber karma to use at your earliest convenience.

Your faithful servant/blogger/master,


~storytelling nomad~

33 comments on “Pick me! Pick me!

  1. *LIKE*

    I love that story, and (while I hate to stomp all over anyone’s creativity), I personally feel it is far more deserving than the description of the bench, alongside the inexplicable raven. :|

    Best of luck Katy!

  2. Yeah, these competitions that are really popularity contests, a test of who has the most friends willing to grant a favour, really annoy me. I wish someone would judge it on talent instead. Anysegue I voted for you. I wish you luck.

    • Thank you for voting, Lissa, I appreciate it! You’re right though, it is a bit of a farce. The current leader in the votes is an entertainer with over 3000 Facebook “friends”. But one has gotta be in it to win it so I figured why the hell not! :)

    • Hi Donald! The Writing Lab have provided a tool for counting characters on their website if you want to check it out, but I shouldn’t think 49 words would go over the 420 character limit. I’ve just ‘liked’ your story, too. Good luck!

      • Heh-heh. I was just kidding around because Johnny Depp said he based the character of Jack Sparrow on Kieth Richards. Depp has got to be one of the coolest people on the planet–besides Deniro, my favorite actor.

    • Thanks Danielle! And please, don’t apologise; I have been equally neglectful of my blog commenting/reading duties. I foresee a comeback once NaNoWriMo is over, however! :)

    • Thank you Shane! Sadly I think my chances of winning are slim. There is one pretty excellent little twist of a story a few below mine with over a hundred votes, all well-deserved. In fact, I even voted for it myself; I can’t deny good writing!

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