Awesome People Reading

In light of my participation in the Novel Challenge/MS Readathon*, I thought it fitting to pay homage to some awesome people who love to read.

A while back I came across this very cool tumblr blog, Awesome People Reading, and couldn’t help but spend more time than I really should have clicking through the pages admiring photos of famous and inspirational people reading their favourite paperbacks, hardbacks, comics and newspapers.

Below I’ve attached a few of my fave pics, but definitely head on over to the full site to see many many more.

* I have so far raised $180 so thank you to you special people (you know who you are) for your contributions.  I stayed up quite late last night finishing George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, which was, by the way, excellent! Now on to book 3, Friday’s Child by Ian Kennedy Williams.

Marilyn Monroe

Michael Caine

Sid Vicious

Gregory Peck and Mary Badham

Elizabeth Taylor

James Dean and Marcus Winslow

Alfred Hitchcock

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Favorite book you read in school

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 25

I tossed up between Looking for Alibrandi and Pride and Prejudice, but ended up choosing box number three: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Although I only vaguely remember the text now, I am somewhat more appreciative of the fact that back in the day, “studying the text” translated to most of us as “hiring the movie”, which, as a result, introduced me to the excellent 1962 film adaptation with Gregory Peck, which I still take great pleasure in watching today.  I continue to marvel at the acting prowress of Mary Badham who at the age of 10, played Scout.  When I compare her performance to the child actors of today, of whom there are far too many to ridicule, I am quite astounded.

Scout and Atticus Finch, played by Mary Badham & Gregory Peck

I suppose I have sort of cheated with this one, in remembering more of the movie than the book.  But to be honest, it more accurately represents my High School reading history.  I always loved to read, but it is no secret that I have gained a new appreciation for good literature since leaving school, and came to respect the language and stories more once the threat of study and accompanying essays had subsided.

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