Favorite book you read in school

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 25

I tossed up between Looking for Alibrandi and Pride and Prejudice, but ended up choosing box number three: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Although I only vaguely remember the text now, I am somewhat more appreciative of the fact that back in the day, “studying the text” translated to most of us as “hiring the movie”, which, as a result, introduced me to the excellent 1962 film adaptation with Gregory Peck, which I still take great pleasure in watching today.  I continue to marvel at the acting prowress of Mary Badham who at the age of 10, played Scout.  When I compare her performance to the child actors of today, of whom there are far too many to ridicule, I am quite astounded.

Scout and Atticus Finch, played by Mary Badham & Gregory Peck

I suppose I have sort of cheated with this one, in remembering more of the movie than the book.  But to be honest, it more accurately represents my High School reading history.  I always loved to read, but it is no secret that I have gained a new appreciation for good literature since leaving school, and came to respect the language and stories more once the threat of study and accompanying essays had subsided.

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