Best Australian Blogs Competition

Storytelling Nomad has been nominated in the Sydney Writers’ Centre’s 2012 Best Australian Blogs competition!

I’ve been overwhelmed with the support, feedback and enthusiasm from all my readers since Storytelling Nomad was conceived early last year, and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have you all here with me sharing a love of reading, writing, books and nomadic tendencies. While an award would be of course be amazing, ultimately I don’t need it to tell me that good things have been happening here at Storytelling Nomad.

11 months has seen over 27,000 hits, 937 followers including 326 WordPress subscribers, 2,322 comments, 156 posts and lots of new friendships made. Really, I couldn’t be happier.

That said, if you like what you’ve seen here I’d of course love your support. You don’t have to be an Aussie to vote, you just need to click here, or on the voting icon above, find Storytelling Nomad on the list (you have to click ‘next’ a few of times to get to the S’s) and put a tick in the box. In doing so, you will have increased my chances of winning the People’s Choice Award, which, as I’m sure you’ll agree, is the most prestigious!

As you can only vote once, make sure you tick any other blogs you would like to support for the award before submitting on the final page. There are some fantastic Aussie blogs out there (Dodging Commas & Love the Bad Guy to name but two), so do the right thing and support us all the way down here in the land Down Under!

We don’t bite, promise.

I leave you with a few of the most popular posts as voted by your comments and views over the last 11 months. In no particular order:

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“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”– J. Pierpont Morgan

And so ends my first official week as a blogger.  23 posts, 13 subscriptions and over 500 hits later and I’m feeling pretty darn happy with my efforts (read: I’m awesome).  I even surprised myself in posting something every day for 8 consecutive days, an idea which I initially scoffed at.  I saw all the enthusiastic bloggers setting themselves a-story-a-day target, blogs about writing more, about writing every day, advocating to simply write write write and I thought to myself, ahh wouldn’t it be nice to have that much to say.  And yet, against all odds here I am, with my post a day and you as my witnesses that it actually happened.

Which brings me to what I have enjoyed most about this week: the comments and the feedback from fellow bloggers.  Oh! How my day improves when I receive that automated wordpress email, congratulating me that someone has enjoyed my post enough to click the ‘Like’ button.  I’ve been a uni student for quite some time now, and so admit to enjoying the guilty pleasure of being told, in writing, that I’m doing something right. High Distinction, 90%, good work, congratulations.  I don’t care how it comes, I just know I like it when it does. So sue me.  But for so long, writing has been more of a private passion for me, not something I was likely to share with anybody until it was perfect, until my best-seller was finished and ready to hit the shelves…and so feedback was evidently few and far between.  The self doubt was starting to get out of hand and I was ready to believe the little devil on my shoulder – that yes, my writing is rubbish and really there is no point even carrying on with this nonsense.

But alas, dear bloggers! You have renewed in me a confidence to carry on with the art, to make it better and to do exactly what I scoffed at in disbelief just one week ago … write write write.

~storytelling nomad~