Robin Hobb – Sword and Laser Interview

On writing fantasy, choosing pseudonyms, tips for new writers and the inspiration behind her books, here you will find the recent interview from Sword and Laser with one of my favourite author’s of all time, the very talented Robin Hobb.

Enjoy :)

5 comments on “Robin Hobb – Sword and Laser Interview

    • Sorry for the late reply Justin, your comment went to spam! How rude! Keeping very busy but doing very well thank you. Hoping to catch up on some much missed blogging this summer holidays. How about you?

      • Ah! Sorry about the late reply, life has been rather crazy much the same as if it has past age. :P I’ve been rather lacking on writing and blogging thanks to my two jobs and what little time I get for my family. Regardless, I am here now anyway and I shall have to figure out a way to remedy my lack of entertaining content. Look forward to reading from you in the near future!

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