Literary characters make the best Valentines

Dashing. Reliable. Trustworthy. Intelligent. Charming. Magical. Musical. Fearless. What more could a girl ask for? This year I chose Pat Rothfuss and his Kvothe to spend V day with. How about you?

17 comments on “Literary characters make the best Valentines

    • These books are the kind that keep you reading until 4am just so you can find out what happens. He really is a fantastic writer. I think we’ll be seeing great things from Rothfuss for some time (I hope so anyway!).

  1. Oh my god! I second a roll in the hay with Kvothe in the only way a heterosexual man can! On the female end of the spectrum, Dhamson Rhee from Terry Brooks Shannara series stole my heart in my younger days, and has yet to return it. :D

    • Ha ha! At least you’re man enough to fess up, Justin!! You may have to fight me for him though…I just finished a Wise Man’s Fear. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

  2. oh, so adorable! Add me to the list of people who adore Kvothe and would love for him to be my valentine’s day date. . . but alas, when two redheaded people attempt to date, they get only strange looks from people who assume all redheads are siblings. :( I’ll just have to go with my other literary crush, Locke Lamora. Dashing, dark haired, and like me he talks like a sailor!

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