Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m off on a European Holiday. I’m leaving my beloved laptop at home and will probably have few opportunities to access the internet while I’m away without incurring monstrous global roaming data charges.

That said, I’ll be back January 24th, when I’m sure after several days of sleep I’ll be itching to get back online and tell you all about my adventures.

In the meantime, find me on Twitter, have a mosy around the blog, check out the featured posts scrolling bar at the top of the home page, and don’t forget to leave a comment and say hi!

Also, if you’re looking for something to read, my short story “The Dragon and the Moon” is now available on eBook as part of a collection of short stories, with *all proceeds* going to UNICEF. Check it out here. It’s currently selling for 99 cents and if you don’t have a Kindle but DO have a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android or Windows Phone, you can download the *free* Kindle app to read my story and any other Kindle book from your device.

Happy 2012, readers!

Auf Wiedersehen/Cześć/Cheers/Arrivederci!

~storytelling nomad~

14 comments on “Farewell!

  1. It has to be so tough as a writer to leave your laptop! But I’m sure you will get some amazing inspiration from your trip that will give you a lot to write about when you get back. Have a great trip and a wonderful holiday!

    • I can’t express how happy I am to be reunited with my beloved laptop! It is difficult when you can’t just type, but I managed. And I definitely came away with some stories to tell :)

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