Christmas Down Under

We like to show Santa a good time Down Under

Hi all!

Today I have the pleasure of guest posting on the lovely Angela Wallace’s blog.

When I started this blog in June, Angela was one of the first to subscribe and support me as I wandered blindly through this blogosphere, so naturally I felt quite honoured when she invited me to appear as a guest on her blog.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to spend Christmas by the beach (or didn’t even know such a thing existed), puzzled over whether we still sing about white Christmases, or wondered how Santa survives in his winter suit under our summer sun, head over to Angela’s blog to find out more about our strange Australian festive ways.

There’s also an excellent 90s rendition of our Australian Jingle Bells, worthy of a look.


13 comments on “Christmas Down Under

    • I have to admit, there’s just something so picturesque about a snowy Christmas. It does take a bit of getting used to, celebrating in summer, but it’s a lot of fun nonetheless :)

  1. Hi Katy,

    Great post on Angela’s blog. I’ve also got a ‘Christmas in Australia’ post forthcoming (next week), and I’m surprised by how different our Christmas experiences sound. Of course, yours is full of we and I wrote mine wit a hefty dash of cynicism, but nevertheless…

    Happy Yuletide to you and yours. :)

    • Thanks Jo! Ooo looking forward to reading about your different Christmas experiences! Christmas has always been my favourite holiday, so I’m a bit of a sucker at this time of year. Thankfully I never have enough money to submit to the mass consumerism that tends to spoil the festive spirit, but I’m not disinclined to singing a carol or two ;) Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. I think it’s pretty cool that you were invited as a guest on Angela’s blog. It’s always good to pay homage to the people who helped to put you on the map.

    I actually know some people who go to the beach for Thanksgiving on a regular basis! At least spending a holiday on the beach sounds like a fresh alternative to the average cold holiday season I experience every year in North Carolina.

  3. Great post Katie, it’s always nice to get a chance to guest on another blog, especially a friend’s! Maybe I might not be so ‘bah humbug’ if I could spend Christmas in the warm – all these dark, cold nights drive me crazy (and sleepy) lol

  4. Hey Katy! Found you through Taraisarockstar! Love love love your blog. Nice to connect with a fellow Aussie. I ‘live’ in the hills behind Mullumbimby near Byron Bay but teach in Mungindi, 7 hours west on the Qld/NSW border. I’m hoping for a sunny Christmas by the beach if we can get out of town. We’ve been flooded in for a couple of weeks now. I have super enjoyed your writing journey. Thankyou so much for sharing. =D Jenni

    • Hello there Jenni and apologies for the delayed reply! Thank you so much for your kind words (and to Taraisarockstar for sending you my way)! I’m so glad you’re enjoying ye ol’ blog :)

      I’ve never been to Mullumbimby but I’ve been to Byron Bay a number of times and if you’re anywhere near that beautiful place then I’m jealous! Love Byron! Fingers crossed you get your Chrissy by the beach this year and the floods don’t keep you captive for too long. Merry Christmas!

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