For book lovers on a budget

24h offer. up to 80% off. Great Discounts at The book Depository

For those of you who haven’t heard, the Book Depository is having a 24 hour sale, with up to 80% off selected titles over the 24 hour period. With free shipping worldwide, it should be worth a look.

Click on the banner above for more details about the offers. Or head to their website:

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14 comments on “For book lovers on a budget

    • They do, yes, but I believe the sale is only through the UK site. It may take a little while longer to receive any books if you’re happy to wait, but it shouldn’t cost any more, especially with free shipping. Any orders I make through the BD usually arrive within 7-14 days, and that’s all the way to this little island they call Tasmania waaaaay down the bottom of Australia! :)

  1. For a long time I had a hobby of collecting books. I built up a mighty wonderful library by going to thrift shops, flea markets, and various other venues. It was lots of fun–and what’s better is the money I spent is still with me in the form of those books. It was a great deal in everyway.

    • That’s what I love most about books; I never feel like my money is wasted because they are pretty durable little things and have proven to survive the ages. I’m also fond of rereading the good ones, so they are never neglected.

      Do you still have your mighty wonderful library?! We have several bookshelves dotted around the house but I don’t think they’d quite add up to library status just yet. One day though…!

      • I have about 350 books. Over half of them are the Eastin Press, Franklin Mint collectors types of books. That makes it even more fun. Scarfing up a $55 book for $3 is always a bit of a thrill. (Haven’t collected in a long time, though–ran out of room.) So, they act as artwork and books. I’m interested in both and having them in what used to be my living room and is now . . . hmmm. . . office/library is real nice.

      • Oops, got called away in mid-chat. I really love it a that one can get eTexts online. Now, that is having a library. And what is so nice is that everyone who has a computer gets to have whatever size library they want. I have several sites devoted to studying, and I always–at least I do when the texts are public domain–place them on the site to go along with the subject. Stop by sometime. I’m sure you’ll find something that interests you.

        And by the way, many of the e-texts I come across are not formatted right, so that if you place them in word or on a computer page, they’re often botched up. I always fix that. Anyway, it’s nice talking to a fellow book-lover; and I always find people who travel interesting. My friend Caitlin has been all over the world.

      • Sounds like you have quite the collection! You’ve inspired me to tally up all the books in the house one day. I’d be interested to know how many we have.

        I have seen some botched up ebooks, so it’s nice to know someone is taking care of the readers. Book lovers unite! I’ve just subscribed to your blog, which I thought I already had done, but alas. Looking forward to catching up on some reading!

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