The benefits of book piracy

Neil Gaimen, author of American Gods and Stardust, gives a wonderfully encouraging and straightforward look at the potential benefits that the internet, copyright piracy and offering your books online for free can have on writers and the publishing industry.  Well worth the watch.

Thanks to the lovely and talented Charlotte English at Words About Words for sharing this gem of a video with me.  The first book in her new fantasy series, Draykon, is now available to buy from Amazon and Smashwords.  Check it out!

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20 comments on “The benefits of book piracy

  1. Smashwords actually recommends that authors don’t enable Digital Rights Management. I thought about it, and I came to the same conclusion that Gaiman did–any exposure is good exposure. And putting books on sale or for free for short periods is a good idea, I think.

    • I’d have to agree, that any exposure is good exposure. If a book is good enough then people will start paying for it at some point regardless. And, if it’s not…well, it’s unlikely it would have made much money anyway.

    • You’re welcome Patti. I think he gives a great perspective on the whole debate. Not everyone may agree with him, but it certainly influenced my attitude towards reaching more people through the web. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  2. Gaiman is 100% right. I’ve never just gone out and bought an authors book to discover him/her. The discovery has always been through word of mouth, someone lent me a book or another author I like mentioned it.

    I’ve worked a few sales jobs in my time and I’ve always seen the idea of a “lost sale” as a corporate fascist one fueled by a marketing department that never sees the customer face to face. Corporations are always focused on the sales they believe the should have rather than the sales they can realistically get.

    That was a great video, thanks ladies.

    • He makes such good points doesn’t he? And as for my favourite authors (also discovered by word of mouth or being lent the books), I can honestly say that I have since bought multiple copies of their books as gifts and for my own collection. If it’s good enough, then people won’t stop paying for it!

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