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30 Day Book Challenge – Day 29

Oh no! I should have looked ahead, because I only the other day wrote about what book I’m reading in my Feeding My Book Addiction post.  My bad.

For those of you who missed it, however, I’m currently reading The Golden Fool by Robin Hobb.  It is book two of the Tawny Man Trilogy, and follows on from the much acclaimed Farseer Trilogy.

I’ve found that Robin Hobb loves to dedicate much of her time to character building in her books, which often means that a lot of the action doesn’t take place until quite a way into the novels.  I don’t mind at all, because a) her characters are interesting and b) it makes later plot advancements and drama all the more compelling after spending so much time getting to know the characters, their motives and desires.  Despite this, she doesn’t fall into that dreadful trap of rushing the action at the end.  The stories are all well paced and never bore, at least not me.

This book is no different, and I am currently still caught up in the character building stages, but sense that the action is not too far away…

~storytelling nomad~

11 comments on “Book you’re currently reading

  1. I love Robin Hobb! I’m trying to get thru her Soldier Son trilogy, but it’s so emotional I may be putting it down to get started on Tawny Man.

    I don’t mind that her books don’t have a ton of action, there’s so much tension and emotion and characterization, and it’s all written so beautifully.

    • I haven’t made it to the Soldier Son Trilogy yet, but they are sitting there waiting for me ;)

      I agree that she writes beautifully. I think a lot of writers could learn from her use of language…I’m certainly trying to absorb some talent!

  2. The character building did make me put more effort into reading Assassin’s Apprentice, but after I finished it, I loved the characters so much that it didn’t bother me at all in Royal Assassin. :-)

    I’m currently reading Rogue by Rachel Vincent. Werecats.

    • I think that taking that time to become invested in the characters definitely pays off later. I find myself fighting for Fitz, even when he’s making all the wrong decisions I can see where he’s coming from and really sympathise with him.

      Werecats? How cool! Is it any good?

      • I wrote this in my review for Royal Assassin (to be posted sometime. Seriously, I read too much; there’s a line of reviews waiting to be posted in my queue.)–but Fitz’s love for Verity inspires the same loyalty in me. I feel like Verity could be a real king I would serve as faithfully as Fitz does.

        Vincent’s first book is Stray, and it was okay. It was a little slow and the events were more like blocks rather than woven together. However, I think Vincent has a good voice and her prose is well-done, so I see potential. So far, I think this second book is better put together, but I’ll let you know when I finish it. :-)

  3. I am currently reading The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger. My boyfriend and I took our vacation up the New England coast this summer and stayed in Gloucester, MA purposefully because of this story. We are big movie buffs so we actually booked a room in the bar/hotel that Junger talks about in his book and where the story of the Perfect Storm begins. It is a fascinating take on this real-life weather event and an in-depth view into the lives of the men and women whose “workplace” is the sea and the danger of their livelihood.

    • That sounds fascinating! Does the hotel resemble how it was described in the book? I love seeing where ideas for stories come from, especially places or buildings. It brings the story to life, in a way.

  4. Had never heard of the 30-day book challenge. One of my current reads (the fiction) is Peony in Love. I almost stopped at about 20% (reading on Kindle) but then got hooked because the story line ventured into the world of Chinese poetry with a focus on women. I much preferred See’s “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” but this is interesting. It also explores the ancient Chinese understanding of the afterlife and hungry ghosts. Is there a link for the challenge?

    • Hi liv2write2day! Thanks for joining us :) I haven’t heard of either of these books but they do sound interesting. Afterlife and hungry ghosts? Awesome! The outline of the 30 Day Book Challenge can be found here. Happy writing!

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