Feeding my book addiction

My last post had me mentioning (again) Robin Hobb, so I thought I’d follow it with a quick update on where I’m up to in the world of Hobb and other reading exploits.

I’ve been a bit behind on my reading lately, and seem to be progressing far slower than usual, so I’m only up to book two of The Tawny Man Trilogy: The Golden Fool.  Loving it of course.  But I’m quite keen to finish this trilogy, not only so that I can read more Hobb, but also because I have a number of other attractive books that continue to stare at me from their place on the bookshelf, alone and unread and tempting me with their alluring covers and seductive stories.  They include:

Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones - I love her!

A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin– I am SO very excited to start reading this series because I recently watched the new HBO television adaptation of it and thought it was AMAZING! Apparently the author also played the part of executive producer in the making of the show, which gives me high hopes that the novels will be just as spectacular if not better.

On Writing by Stephen King – I have been hearing about this book literally everywhere I go.  I started reading it at work one day and already understand the hype.  Looking forward to reading the rest.

Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres– I recently heard Marianne speak at the Supanova Fantasy/Sci Fi Convention in Sydney.  I was inspired to read her books and was lucky enough to meet her at the book stall and have her sign this one.  I have heard nothing but good things about this Australian writer, so can’t wait to check it out.

Friday's Child by Ian Kennedy Williams

Friday’s Child by Ian Kennedy Williams – The author of this collection of short stories is a fellow member of my writers’ group, and a talented writer at that.  Yesterday I went to hear Ian at a National Book Council meeting here in Launceston, where he discussed where the ideas for some of his stories came from and some of the places that have inspired stories he has written.  Having already read one of his short stories in the writers group, and finding his presentation yesterday fascinating, I decided it was time to stock up on some more of his work, starting with Friday’s Child.  After hearing him read some excerpts, I already know I’m going to like it.

La Bella Lingua by Dianne HalesGifted to me on my birthday by my best friend Priscilla.  It’s been a while since I read a travel story and I’m having severe withdrawals.

I’m not out of work!..I’m a Writer! by Wayne E. Pollard – I was lucky enough to be sent this by the author when I mentioned his outstanding blog in my post about The dangers of ebook world domination.  Thanks Wayne!  Meanwhile, his blog Bo’s Cafe Life has some highly entertaining comics relating to all things writer-ly.

An example of the entertainment found over at Bo's Cafe Life

And yet, despite this excellent line up of books yet to be read, I continue to find excuses to keep buying more books to pile up in sweet anticipation.  Today alone I ordered another three from the Book Depository, which by the way is where I buy all but my home grown Aussie books these days.  Free delivery anyone?  And super cheap new books too.  Book lover heaven I tell you.

Okay, I think it’s time to scoot.  I do, after all, have a KAZILLION books to read and so little time.

~storytelling nomad~

17 comments on “Feeding my book addiction

  1. I completely agree with you! I keep getting distracted by other things, so I’m usually in the middle of three or four books, with MAAANY more waiting for me.

    • It’s terrible isn’t it? Especially because I want to read all these books but I also don’t want to rush through them and not enjoy them properly. I can’t win!

  2. I got the first book of the Rainwild Chronicles in e-book recently, which makes me happy. Robin Hobb and dragony stuff! yess! Nice book list, though it’s the hallmark of a true book addict to keep getting more in spite of having plenty to read already. I say it’s nothing to be ashamed of, at least up until the point where one bankrupts oneself for the sake of a big library ;)

    • I can definitely see a future me, on the sidewalk with nothing but the clothes on my back and far too many books to carry with me! Ha! I didn’t envy your book culling at all when you had to move…shudder!
      I read book one of the Rainwild Chronicles a couple of months ago and thought it was great. Robin Hobb + Dragons truly make a wonderful combination!

  3. Game of Thrones is on my TBR list too. No idea when I’ll get to it. I request books on my list from the library, but then when I walk into the library, something usually catches my eye and I end up walking out with more than I wanted. Then there are the books I buy. (I recently got Kelley Armstrong’s latest Women of the Otherworld book with credit card points. *grin*) And even though I really want to read it, the library books have due dates. I think the soonest I read a book a actually bought was three months after getting it. I’m terrible. :-P

    • It’s such a big series too…and my history with large series *cough Wheel of Time cough* is not great!. I continue to be fascinated by your library quests! I would never want to return the damn things and I suspect I would end up with a number of hefty fines!

      Three months? Yeah that’s pretty standard for me too! Ha!

  4. I joined a book club this summer to force myself to make time to read more. Well, one book club turned into two, and with an online class on top of it, I’ve been reading more then I did in my college days!!

    Good luck on catching up on your reading and thanks for the post!

  5. I can vouch for George R. Martins books, they are indeed pretty damn good. However, I don’t really see what Stephen King can provide at this point.

    • And again, the more I hear about Martin, the more I get anxious to just start reading them!
      You know, I haven’t actually read any of Stephen King’s novels, which I suppose makes the fact that I’m reading his advice on writing quite strange. The first part of the book is almost a memoir of his life, depicting all the moments and small slices of life that have contributed to his writing career. That’s all I’m up to at the moment but it really is fascinating reading about the moments, experiences and events that shaped who he would become and how they contributed to his future as a writer.

      • He has written some really great things in his time, but his proclivity to spawn a new novel every time he turns around sort of brings his average down quite a bit. Now, that being said, I’ve got most of his books, and some of them are things I re-read now and then… but much like Mick Jagger ‘n the Stones, should there not be a point where enough is enough? ;)

      • Ha, yes it does make you wonder. I wouldn’t mind reading Stephen King, but wouldn’t really know where to being. Any recommendations?

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    • Hu! You found me! I’m impressed! You’re so far ahead in the series. Don’t tell me what happens or I will have to resort to extreme measures….!

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