Favourite Fiction Book

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 27

I don’t want to frighten you all away with my Robin Hobb obsession, but I can’t seem to escape the Robin Hobb Love Bubble.  She has me bewitched I tell you!

Day 1 of the 30 Day books challenge saw me mention Assassin’s Apprentice as my favourite book, and I will stick by that choice for my favourite fiction book.  More about my Hobb addiction can be found here, where I talk about my love affair, and here, the most joyous of days when I awoke to an email from the writing god herself.  Bliss.

~storytelling nomad~

4 comments on “Favourite Fiction Book

    • Woo! If all I can do in life is introduce but a few new readers to Hobb, I will feel like I have achieved something worthwhile! Lucky you for the gift certificate also!

  1. You know, I saw a Robin Hobb book on a shelf in HalfPrice the other day, and I thought about your obsession, lol.

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