Book you’re most embarrassed to say you like

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 18

Oh please don’t judge me, but this one is a bit of a doozy.

I’m more than aware that it’s poorly written, there are ‘to’s where there should be ‘too’s, appalling grammar and some suspicious word choices *cough chargrin cough*.  For those of you who haven’t already seen it, there’s even an entire website dedicated to this book and every possible error known to the English language, which can of course be found in this novel.  Check out the website Reasoning with Vampires, it’s really quite enlightening.

And yet, somehow I just loved reading it, and the three sequels.  And not just one time.  I read them over and over and…

Okay, don’t make me go on.  I’m not even going to name the book, because I know you have already guessed it (you guys are so clever!).  Also there happens to be a large picture of the cover just a few lines below this one.  Yeah that probably helped too.

Team Edward!

~storytelling nomad~

8 comments on “Book you’re most embarrassed to say you like

  1. Lol, out of all the books you could have picked for this day, this was the most obvious and the most unexpected. I don’t think I could read the book because of how awful the movie was.

  2. Lol. As I clicked on the title of your post from my email and the page loaded, I thought this book would have to be my answer as well. The writing is atrocious! And yet the books are like crack–you can’t put them down! It is a mind-blowing phenomenon.

    • LOL Crack they are! I guess it says something about the ‘idea’. It must be a pretty strong one to make up for the terrible writing.

  3. I liked Twilight, too. As Angela said, they were like crack. I ate ’em up.

    However, I can do better than this. I loved the Beast House trilogy by Richard Laymon: The Cellar, The Beast House, and The Midnight Tour.

    This is actually three books, but you have to read ’em all.

  4. I have always said that the first novel isn’t THAT bad. For a first time attempt by a newbie writer it had a lot of potential. Personally, I’m not too into the series, but I see the appeal to the tween crowd.

    Kudos for owning up to your guilty pleasure!

    • There’s a lot of pent up guilt here, but it was time to just come forward and admit it…I’m a closet Twihard!

      Please don’t shun me literary Gods!

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