Book that changed your life

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 10

To be honest, no single book has changed my life.

Books (pl.) on the other hand, yes they have changed my life entirely.


From my early days reading Roald Dahl and The Famous Five, to my present day addictions to Robin Hobb, J.K. Rowling and Tolkien.  From those that have scared me, bored me, reminded me, moved me – books have granted me inspiration, escapism, magic, language, pleasure, entertainment, love, expression, adventure, community, relaxation, creativity and most importantly, knowledge.

Without books I would be without a primary source of learning, a source that encourages me to discover, to improve, to embrace, to empower and to inspire.


Without books I would not be me.

~storytelling nomad~

6 comments on “Book that changed your life

  1. I agree that it’s books that have affected the course of my life in many ways, but I don’t think any single book has ever “changed my life.”

    The closest, I guess, was Inherent Vice. I always read Pynchon’s novels, but that one connected with me like nothing I can remember. I bought it when it came out in August 2009, and I basically read nothing else for the rest of the year. I read, and re-read, and listened to it on audio; I posted almost daily for a while on the Pynchon wiki, and I posted about it several times (well, more than several) on my blog.

    I’m fairly certain I’ve never been that involved with any book that I didn’t write myself. :-)

    But, at that, it didn’t change my life.

    • I have just been reading your blog posts on Inherent Vice…unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to comment there directly. In any case, it does sound very interesting so I’m keen to check it out.

      • Commenting was a glitch, fixed now. The site isn’t part of, so you would need to register. Anyway, hope you like the book. Pynchon is apparently resisting e-books, since none of his books are available for the Kindle. Too bad, that was my best hope of reading Against the Day which is over 1,000 pages and too heavy to carry around.

      • I’m sure one day he will…even J.K. Rowling, who was particularly adamant about resisting ebooks, is now a convert. And with 1000 pages? He’d be silly not to!

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