What brings you here, dearest bloggers?

I came across this great blog post yesterday, discussing the bizarre and wonderful search terms that had led readers to that particular blog.  Needless to say, it was not long before I was investigating the search engine referrals on my own blog and having a good old giggle and raising a few eyebrows at the search terms that were bringing people to storytelling nomad.

So, what brings you here, dearest bloggers?  Apparently Google logos are as interesting to you as they are to me, because that search comes in at number one, generating a number of hits every day.  Wallpaper background is another top hit, although I think I only mentioned it once and I don’t think I was very interesting about it.  Sorry about that.  A few people have actually searched for storytelling nomad which just brings a smile to my face.  I love you, anonymous internet fans!

But what have been some of the more peculiar searches.  Here I list the top 10, in no particular order:

  1. what does it take to make people go on quotes
    You would think this is pretty self explanatory.  A good quote makes people go on quotes.  Also, there are none on my blog so I’m sorry to have disappointed you.
  2. happy cowgirl
    I hope you, erm, found what you were looking for Woody.
  3. very old positive lady; my nanna; creepy old women; attractive old lady photo
    There are soooo many search terms about old women, presumably leading to my inner nanna post.  I picked out a few of the best.  Firstly, I’m glad that someone searched for a ‘positive’ old lady, as opposed to the negative, grouchy ones that so often plague us?  No, I’m pretty sure your nanna won’t turn up if you Google ‘my nanna’.  Creepy old women…plural?? And an attractive old lady photo.  Look mister, you need to get out more.  Seriously.
  4. if you came to 2 doors ,one is good other is bad and they look the same what question will you ask
    I would ask which one would lead you to better grammar and punctuation.  Or, depending on your preference towards good or evil, you could just ask which one is, you know, good or evil? Or for better signage?  Come on man, you Googled this?
  5. do u love me wallpaper
    No, wallpaper doesn’t love you.  Also, wallpaper is inanimate and incapable of love.
  6. ‘inception’ was masterpiece
    *Giggles*.  This person was probably unimpressed with my stance on this commonly thrown around statement.  Find out more here. #itreallywasnt
  7. spiritually connected to animals
    I’m sure you are, no really.
  8. hell of my own making text
    Please don’t hurt me.
  9. if i am a tree in autumn
    Then I am the sky in summer. Hippie love.
  10. if you tell the truth you don’t need a good memory
    I think you might be on to something here…  Those of us with bad memories, there is hope for us yet!

Okay, so your turn.  What’s the best/craziest/creepiest/weirdest most unrelated term that someone has searched for to get to your blog?

~storytelling nomad~

32 comments on “What brings you here, dearest bloggers?

  1. I rarely get long strings of words or sentences. Usually the searches contain one or two words, and they are commonly repeated, the same words or phrases everyday. They also usually make sense, meaning I can see what that search brought them to my blog. Places I wrote about often (Buenos Aires, Bratislava, Patagonia) appear daily. My name is also a regular search; less regularly, the title of one of my books.

    Nothing nearly as mystifying or interesting as yours.

    • That’s great that your name is searched regularly, and your book title, even if it is less so. It means people aren’t happening by you by chance! Go team!

  2. I did a similar post like a week ago where I discussed my favourite search term.

    I do not think it is suitable for your comments section as it involves doing naughty thing to horses.

    I really have no idea how that happened. Crazy stuff indeed.

  3. Haha. I was thinking about doing a similar post on my blog, because after months of active blogging I have some great ones cropping up.

    The sad part is… the most common search term used to reach my blog is ‘carebears’ or similar terms. This is because in one post months ago I included a picture of a carebear. It was one of those completely tongue-in-cheek posts and now, forever after, people keep looking for lovebears and ending up at my blog. I feel vaguely bad about that.

    On the plus side, searches for my name or blog name aren’t far behind on the most-frequent list. This is encouraging.

    The most worrying one ever occurred this week. This was ‘porn fantasy.’ They were probably directed to a sarcastic post I wrote about fantasy fiction and fantasy art some time ago, but nonetheless it was probably a huge disappointment to that hopeful porn-seeker.

    Every time someone gets directed to me for something completely unrelated, I feel vaguely like I should apologise or something.

    • Encouraging indeed! Well done!

      Porn fantasy?! Haaaaaa!

      Look, if I searched for care bears (they are so cute!) and happened by your blog, I wouldn’t be at all disappointed!

  4. Lol. I wish I had more amusing search terms from my blog. I do get people searching for My Little Pony wallpaper because I posted one picture of a My Little Pony.

    One time someone searched “angela wallace death.” Um, should I be offended or frightened?

    • I think the My Little Pony fans could back you up if the the ‘Angela Wallace death’ searcher became hostile. In the meantime, lock your doors! Hide the children!! ;)

  5. I have never researched what drives people to my blogs–I so want to now! I got here because I believe you had posted on my blog at some point and I liked your blog name, so hopped over here and have been following ever since :)

    • Naw, thanks Willow. Such a lovely thing to hear! If you find out any interesting search terms that have brought people to your blogs, definitely share them!!

  6. Fun game! Here’s mine: “evidences that we still have hope about garbage.” What is it? Er, ARE they (wasn’t aware that would could be pluralized)? And what exactly are we hoping about it, anyway?

  7. Without a doubt the phrase “how to hide bruises from my teachers”. I wrote and published a series of posts on bullying, and how fucking harsh it can be, and that led ’em to me. Still breaks my heart a bit.

  8. Hey Katy, I landed here because you liked something I wrote. I am not new to blogging since I have had a private diary on line for a long time, but new to public blogging. Your blog is so interesting and so, you are inspiring! Thank you!

    • No, thank YOU. What a wonderful comment. It’s so lovely to hear when someone is inspired by the things I write on here. I am only just into my second month of blogging, so am also interested to see what other new bloggers have got going out there, and you look like you have some very interesting topics to blog about. Looking forward to reading more!

    • Lol You have some interesting fans! Mine keeping coming too…these past couple of days I’ve had:

      face of a dog and a teenage girl who looks at him
      فتاة حزينة (Clearly a language I don’t speak or write in)
      and lastly and slightly worryingly
      boy actors under 15


    • Ha! I’m not sure it has anything to do with how interesting your posts are…search engines seem to have a unique way of matching almost unrelated content to quite specific search terms. But when you do get something good, please share it!

  9. Backyard mud pit porn………accidental incest with my mom when she was cold…..can I smoke cilantro and get high……..

    Just to name a few. I love posts like this one and do them occasionally, too. It always results in a blog post or several. I’m glad you popped in on my blog today, Katy. I have enjoyed visiting yours.

    • They are some sensational searches! You just can’t make that sort of stuff up. Thank you for stopping by Andra! Glad you’ve enjoyed your visit :)

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  11. I went to to my site stats today and saw an interesting search term that brought someone to my blog:

    “look what he did after her ex girlfriend posted on his wall”

    Umm… Yeah. I don’t even know how that Google search was connected to “Love The Bad Guy”, but there you go. :P

  12. The most common one lately has been ‘scrivener template’, since I’ve built one and share it with whoever wants it, but the creepiest was a series of searches over the space of a week along the lines of ‘tony mcfadden killed’ and ‘tony mcfadden shot’ or ‘murdered mcfadden’.

    I was getting *extremely* paranoid until I found the newspaper article about a namesake shot in Queens, New York.

    Tee weirdest search term which ultimately pointed at my site was “take your gag off”. I really don’t want to know what was going on in their mind, or the depths of disappointment they must have felt when they found my site.

    • That would be terrifying! I wouldn’t know what to think if I saw people searching my name in that context!

      Ha! Take your gag off! What sort of blog are you running over there Tony?!

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