Sharing plots. Avatar vs Pocahontas?

It’s been said before, that every story is the retelling of another.  But when I happened upon this one today whilst procrastinating researching, I couldn’t help but wow at the parallels.  Anyone else know of any similarly shared plots? I found this one here.

Avatar vs Pocahontas?

~storytelling nomad~

10 comments on “Sharing plots. Avatar vs Pocahontas?

  1. Lol, wow! I never even thought of that, but it’s true! They’re very similar. That would explain why I love both so much. Thanks for posting; I always enjoy reading your posts. :)

  2. Haha! That’s hilarious. It’s a wonder that I didn’t notice that… I like both of those movies!

    (But I HATE Pocahontas 2! The first movie was all about this great love between her and John Smith, then in the second one, she’s all, “Nah, screw you John Smith, I like this other dude now, despite the fact that he didn’t almost die for me like you did.”)

    Ummm…. Sorry about that. Rant finished now.

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