30 Day Book Challenge

My kindred spirit Stef and her wonderful blog at Dodging Commas has shed the light on this groovy little challenge.  I am the first to admit that I have an ATROCIOUS memory, so this will be quite a good power of recall exercise for me, not to mention an excellent means to get my blog mojo back after my extended absence. Some may also call it procrastination, an exploit I embrace with open arms.

Day 1: Favourite book
Day 2: Least favourite book
Day 3: Book that makes you laugh out loud
Day 4: Book that makes you cry
Day 5: Book you wish you could live in
Day 6: Favorite young adult book
Day 7: Book that you can quote/recite
Day 8: Book that scares you
Day 9: Book that makes you sick
Day 10: Book that changed your life
Day 11: Book from your favorite author
Day 12: Book that is most like your life
Day 13: Book whose main character is most like you
Day 14: Book whose main character you want to marry
Day 15: First “chapter book” you can remember reading as a child
Day 16: Longest book you’ve read
Day 17: Shortest book you’ve read
Day 18: Book you’re most embarrassed to say you like
Day 19: Book that turned you on
Day 20: Book you’ve read the most number of times
Day 21: Favorite picture book from childhood
Day 22: Book you plan to read next
Day 23: Book you tell people you’ve read, but haven’t (or haven’t actually finished)
Day 24: Book that contains your favorite scene
Day 25: Favorite book you read in school
Day 26: Favorite nonfiction book
Day 27: Favorite fiction book
Day 28: Last book you read
Day 29: Book you’re currently reading
Day 30: Favorite coffee table book


Oh crap, it starts now doesn’t it?  I’m doomed…

~storytelling nomad~

10 comments on “30 Day Book Challenge

  1. A year or two ago I began a catalogue of all the books I read as a way of keeping track, because I have a horrid memory also! I tried to remember everything I had read in the past, scoured my bookshelves and have continued updating it ever since. I have had to repeatedly consult it in the process of the 30 Day Challenge; it reall is so lovely to keep a record of one’s reading pursuits. I look forward to seeing your lists!

    • Just this year I’ve started a reading list, but only of the books I’ve read since the beginning of the year. I wouldn’t know where to begin with documenting all the books I’ve read, ever! It would be a wonderful reference to have though. I’m looking forward to seeing my lists too…I’m as curious as anyone to see what will turn up!

  2. I think I may have to do this challenge myself. It looks like a lot of fun!

    I’d love to see your book list as well. I keep on (on my blog), and I really like seeing what other people read as well. :)

    • It is certainly testing my memory skills! I should really look to adding a running “To be read” list on here. I’ll have to check yours out Beth!

  3. Hi Katy
    Just letting you know I’m taking up this challenge!
    Look out for my next post (I’m the QUEEN of procrastination so don’t hold your breath! But it will be soon, I promise.)

    If you don’t mind, I’ll be posting a link to your blog so I can tell my adoring fans(ha ha! I can hear my alterego laughing) where I got this book challenge idea from.
    Thanks for the idea!

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