6 comments on “Google Doodles

  1. They are pretty entertaining. I cannot write without access to Google. I’m always double checking little facts to make sure I’m not getting something wrong. And I use Google Earth to get satellite pictures of places where I set my scenes. :-D

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  4. Oh, to be a fly on the wall during one of Google’s Brain-storm” meetings. Can you imagine all the ideas they toss out the window in order to bring us the final product?

    Like yourself, I am a Google aficionado. I’ve lost count of how many times — and hours! — the search engine has rescued me in a bind, where I had questions that needed answers, pronto! Whether it’s research based, or I simply need an interesting fact to entrench in my book, Google is my guy. My gal? Ah . . . my hero!


    ~ Cara

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