20 ways in which I channel my inner nanna

This is an accurate representation of my inner nanna

I may be in my mid 20s but I’m under the firm belief that deep down I’m channelling my inner nanna.  These are the top 20 reasons why:

  1. Nanna naps – My friends will attest to this one.  If I don’t get at least a solid 7 hours of decent sleep then I will need a nanna nap.  If I don’t get my nanna nap then I usually go very quiet and wear a sour look on my face.  It’s most unbecoming.
  2. Knitting and lawn bowls – Both sound like very reasonable extra curricular activities worth pursuing.
  3. I have many senior moments – Oft mistaken for ‘blonde’ moments.
  4. I would rather spend a night at the theatre than a night at the pub – I’m just cultured that way, you know?
  5. My eyesight – Is pretty bad.
  6. I have an unreasonable fondness for cardigans – [intentionally left blank]
  7. I don’t do fast mode – I don’t exactly dawdle, but I won’t run to the crossing to catch the flashing green man.  Honestly, I don’t think the red man gets enough credit.
  8. I look down on those who use too many acronyms when texting – Shakespeare wouldn’t approve either.
  9. I like receiving actual letters by actual mail – Preferably with a wax seal.
  10. Handwriting – I appreciate good penmanship.  This stems from my Primary School days when I spent much time and effort working towards getting my pen license and refining my cursive.  It was an exciting time in my life.
  11. My memory – My long term memory, heck my short term memory, is pretty unreliable.
  12. I have friends with seniors cards – They’re my entourage, my possy, my crew…my kindred spirits!
  13. I refer to close friends as kindred spirits – see above.
  14. I get nostalgic – A lot.
  15. My vocabulary – I regularly say things like “good grief!” “Oh dear!” and “knickers”
  16. I enjoy classical music – Bach, Tchaikovsky, Mozart.  They knew their shit.
  17. Fashion – I would like to see a return of the top hat.  And the dresses from Pride and Prejudice, the BBC version, naturally.  In fact, send me back in time to Jane Austen’s day and surround me by soldiers in uniform, men in top hats and lots of ladylike activities such as reading and knitting (see point #2) and I will be most content.
  18. Comfort – I take my pillow EVERYWHERE.  This is sometimes awkward and leads to concerned stares, but I’m the one having the last laugh after a terrific night’s sleep.
  19. The Queen – I think she’s pretty hip.
  20. Technology – I have a pretty clued-on inner nanna when it comes to technology, but she comes on quite aggressive when it comes to remote controls.  There are simply far too many buttons on that thing.  See here for further evidence of abuse against the elderly via the remote control.

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