More “Blackouts”

What better way to start your Sunday than to vandalise the morning paper with a creative writing exercise?  I simply can’t look at newspaper articles the same any more.  See my previous post about “Blackouts” to find out what this is all about.



 Horoscope From Hell

10 comments on “More “Blackouts”

  1. What a wonderful metaphor for political punditry! I sometimes feel as though our US Congressman/Senators are performing a blackout exercise daily! They eliminate what doesn’t suit them to craft their own reality! Sorry. I must be in a dark mood today…

  2. Hi Katy,

    Before the whole NYWM website went bye bye, I said that the best two responses to this blackout writing exercise/competiton would win a book prize courtesy of

    Well, I stand by this offer. Your blackout writing responses were prolific and pretty great. Along with Samantha ( you are a winner at blackout writing and I’d like to send you your book prize! Congrats!

    If you could send your postal details to duncanfelton at gmail dot com , I’ll get your prize in the mail to you!

    Congrats again, and I hope you had a truly frabjous NYWM.

    NYWM ACT Ambassador

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