1000 hit milestone. Yeah baby!

Two weeks of blogging bliss

It’s been two weeks since the birth of this blog, and I promise from hereon in that this won’t be a regular thing (me basking shamelessly in blog stat milestones, that is), but as the first ‘major’ one, I feel the need to celebrate.  And to thank you, dear bloggers, for taking the time to read the insignificant thoughts of my creatively inclined brain.  Please don’t stay in there too long, even I get lost sometimes…

Happy reading.

~storytelling nomad~

8 comments on “1000 hit milestone. Yeah baby!

  1. Wow…in just two weeks! That is amazing. Well done. Do you have any tips you can share?! I’m still stuck at the 200 mark since I switched from Blogger and started posting again!

    • Thanks! Tips? Hmm, well after only 2 weeks of blogging (ever!) I feel I’m majorly unqualified to give any sage advice. I’ve just been posting every day, and spending quite a bit of time also perusing and commenting on other blogs to do with writing, reading, travel, books…anything that I’m interested in really! I was tossing up between Blogger and WordPress when I was looking at starting this thing…Google coaxed me here. Are you finding it better than Blogger?

      • Definitely better than Blogger! At first I was put off WordPress because it seemed much more complicated to use but now that I’ve figured it all out I really love it. Are you finding that you get any spam referrals at all? I keep checking my stats only to find referrals from totally random places (which means I have to subtract views from my already modest 250!) Congrats again on your milestone. :)

      • Excellent! I’m glad to hear Google pulled through and made the right choice for me! I got a few spam referrals when I first started, one day I think I got 20 from one ambiguous site…but it calmed down after a few days and I haven’t notice any in a while…that or I haven’t been looking for them enough to notice. I didn’t even think to subtract them from my view count…I’m a fraud!! 250 is still 250 more people reading your work than would have otherwise did you not have a blog…that’s the way I see it. And I’m off to make it 251 in just a moment! In any case, even if not one person ever looked at my blog…it would suck yes, but I’ve been told that any practice is good practice…so keep persevering! Thanks again, and happy writing!

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