My love affair continues…

Assassin's Quest - Robin Hobb

I think I’m in love.  The subject of my affections? Robin Hobb and her Farseer Trilogy. It’s a fairly recent love affair but I can just tell it’s going to stand the test of time.

I only yesterday started the final book in the series, Assassin’s Quest, so perhaps this might be a little preemptive, but honestly, I simply couldn’t imagine being disappointed by this writer.  She has such an economical use of language, nothing too flowery or long-winded, and yet the writing is still so amazingly colorful, intelligent and imaginative.  While I was waiting for Assassin’s Quest to arrive in the mail from The Book Depository, I started on another of her series – The Rain Wild Chronicles, and although I missed Fitz, the Fool and Burrich from The Farseer Trilogy, I found her writing equally impressive.  Not to mention, all her books have been recently re-released with beautiful covers, and although you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, feel free to judge away with these.

These books really have been a pleasure to read…easy reading without the simplicity.  It’s not one of those books where you find yourself reading a paragraph over and over to make sure you’ve understood what is going on (insert frustration here), but neither does it make the mistake of underestimating its readers’ intellect.  I believe these books to be an excellent example of how to ‘show not tell’, a writing principle that makes all the difference in a good book.

I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys the fantasy genre…and even to those who don’t.  This is not a point-your-wand/alohamora/Hogwarts type fantasy, for anyone out there put off by that sort of thing.  It’s fantasy for adults, a story of intrigue, loyalty and a boy’s often agonising journey to becoming a man.

In conclusion, read it! You know you want to…

~storytelling nomad~

18 comments on “My love affair continues…

  1. This has been on my reading list for some time. It was mostly put there due to reading a different series of books though. There were a bunch of people who claimed that the author got a lot of inspiration from this series, so I’ve been interested, but had gotten mixed reviews from friends who had read it. Not to mention my ‘To Read’ list grows by 2 or 3 every time I finish one book. The other series in question is the “Night Angel Trilogy” by Brent Weeks. They were fantastic books, although dark and gritty.
    Happy Reading!

    • I hadn’t heard of the Night Angel Trilogy but after a quick Google search it definitely looks like something I’d be interested in reading. I love being recommended books. It’s just not possible to rely on the “best seller” tags and marketing strategies that come with every new book these days…good or bad. I have noticed though that they (publishers, booksellers, sales reps) don’t seem to bother much with the fantasy genre until the readers have spread the word amongst themselves and there’s a good following…which can often take quite some time! So it’s always nice to hear what other people have found or heard that’s good out there, thank you.
      But yes, The Farseer Trilogy comes highly recommended if you’d like to add another tick to your list of mixed reviews!

  2. Farseer Trilogy is wonderful! I started reading her Soldier Son series, and I’m sad to say I keep getting distracted by other things so I haven’t gotten that far into it, but it’s really good. THere is a reason Hobb is an international best seller.

    • Oh, good to hear because I just bought the first in that series at the second hand bookshop yesterday. I had the same problem with the Robert Jordan WOT series…those things need some concentration I tell ya! But unfortunately I began them at a time when I could only read intermittently, and so I lost concentration easily and continually forgot what was happening. Sadly I only made it to book 4, but I’m determined to get through them one day…I’ve heard only good things about them. And yes, I believe there might just be some substance to her international best seller status!

    • How very exciting! There’s nothing I love more than knowing a story is going to carry me through a few series and I won’t be disappointed. Just last week I ordered the Tawny Man Trilogy because I knew I’d want to read more (especially about the fool), so it’s good to know I’m not going to be let down! Thank you!

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    • I can hardly express how much I’m enjoying the Farseer Trilogy. I think they’ve taken top spot on my list of favourite books. I’ve got the first of the Tawny Man trilogy ready to go when I’m done with these!

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  7. Well you’ve convinced me. I’ll add this author’s stuff for my TBR list and I might even move a few of her books to the top!

    And I routinely judge books by their covers. Shameful, I know, but such practices have yet to disappoint me.

    • Hoorah! The covers are just so pretty…and all her trilogies have been rereleased with the same types of covers so they look so nice together on my book shelf!

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