Beginnings and Endings

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”– J. Pierpont Morgan

And so ends my first official week as a blogger.  23 posts, 13 subscriptions and over 500 hits later and I’m feeling pretty darn happy with my efforts (read: I’m awesome).  I even surprised myself in posting something every day for 8 consecutive days, an idea which I initially scoffed at.  I saw all the enthusiastic bloggers setting themselves a-story-a-day target, blogs about writing more, about writing every day, advocating to simply write write write and I thought to myself, ahh wouldn’t it be nice to have that much to say.  And yet, against all odds here I am, with my post a day and you as my witnesses that it actually happened.

Which brings me to what I have enjoyed most about this week: the comments and the feedback from fellow bloggers.  Oh! How my day improves when I receive that automated wordpress email, congratulating me that someone has enjoyed my post enough to click the ‘Like’ button.  I’ve been a uni student for quite some time now, and so admit to enjoying the guilty pleasure of being told, in writing, that I’m doing something right. High Distinction, 90%, good work, congratulations.  I don’t care how it comes, I just know I like it when it does. So sue me.  But for so long, writing has been more of a private passion for me, not something I was likely to share with anybody until it was perfect, until my best-seller was finished and ready to hit the shelves…and so feedback was evidently few and far between.  The self doubt was starting to get out of hand and I was ready to believe the little devil on my shoulder – that yes, my writing is rubbish and really there is no point even carrying on with this nonsense.

But alas, dear bloggers! You have renewed in me a confidence to carry on with the art, to make it better and to do exactly what I scoffed at in disbelief just one week ago … write write write.

~storytelling nomad~

8 comments on “Beginnings and Endings

  1. Hi There,

    Congratulations on eight straight days of posts, as well as 500 hits! Blogging beginnings are so exciting! Your content is great too, I really enjoyed the read.

    With that being said, if you burn yourself out at some point and want to give up and can’t bear the thought of writing one more post, shoot me a line – I would be more than happy to guest post occasionally and help you out!



    • Thank you Cynthia! I’ve just been having a peruse of your blog and think it’s fantastic…and I might just take you up on your generous offer one of these days!
      Thanks again for stopping by and for the encouragement :)

  2. Hey Katy,
    Speaking of automated wordpress emails – your ‘liking’ of my first post was a historic moment for me on the birthday of my blog – so thanks a lot, a little bit of encouragement came at exactly the right time… no more hovering over the delete button.

    I’m enjoying your writing, keep up the good work… and thanks again.

    • I’m glad to hear it! It’s quite persuasive that little ‘like’ button isn’t it?! I’ve enjoyed your writing also, so I’m happy to hear there’s no more hovering over the delete button!
      Thanks for the positive feedback, I really appreciate it!

    • This makes me smile, thank you. I’m going to check out your blog today…I’ve just seen that you’re Irish, which means I like you already!

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