The Book Depository – amazing online bookseller

The Book Depository and I have only recently been introduced, but we are fast becoming the very best of friends.  Without sounding like spam, a company promoter or a total nerd (of which I can confidently deny the first two), this gem of a site not only offers some very competitive book prices, but also FREE delivery worldwide.  At the moment they also have 10% off everything throughout the month of May…yay for us!

A nifty little feature that they have is the ‘wishlist’.  Basically, if you see any books you have your eye on but don’t want to purchase immediately, add them to your wishlist. Seems pretty standard, right? You’d think so, except that it’s not.  Not only does it keep a record of all the books that you’re looking to buy, but it sends you an email when they’re on sale…which, from what I’ve seen so far is fairly regularly.  As a uni student/struggling writer/book-purchasing enthusiast (read: addict), I’m the first to admit that I’m always out to save a dollar or two, so I’m totally digging this particular wishlist feature.

Check them out at The Book Depository

Fly my pretties, fly! Because now there’s really no good excuse not to satiate your book buying addiction.

~storytelling nomad~

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